20 Meaningful 70th Birthday Gifts For Dad To Get Your Old Man

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70th birthday gift for dad
A very significant milestone in a person’s life because not a lot of people are fortunate enough to achieve it, which calls for a special celebration. So a unique gift should be given to make him feel special and let him know how thankful you are for everything that he has provided to you and your family over the years. Scroll through our list of birthday present ideas for dad which includes everything from gag gifts to traditional & meaningful ones and can be gifted from daughter or son alike.
So go ahead make a choice and have a great celebration for your father’s 70th birthday!

1. Vintage 1951 Whisky Rocks Glass

One of the finest gifts you could give to your dad on his 70th birthday is this vintage-style whisky tumbler glass by English pewter company. It is 11oz. and holds a superb hand cast pewter badge with the words “VINTAGE 1951 Aged to Perfection”. Handmade by master craftsmen and women in Sheffield, England this would be a kind of gift which never goes out of date and is always relevant and is sure to be loved by anyone. It would become a prized possession in your father’s collection and he would proudly show it off to his friends. It comes in a luxurious cream and black branded gift box with a velvet bag. Gift your dad a great present this 70th birthday and make it worthwhile without fail.

2. Donald Trump Gag Coffee Mug

This Trump gag coffee cup is a great choice for putting a smile on his face for his special day. It features the print on both sides so that everyone can see the funny graphic and have a laugh about it whether left or right-handed. It would also be a great conversation starter as well for everything that has happened in the recent past as you may or may not like him but you certainly cannot ignore him. The print on it uses the highest quality ceramic ink so it won’t fade away at all. It would make for a funny 70th birthday gift for dad from his daughter or son. 

3. Wooded Engraved Personalized Watch

If you are looking for a custom gift, this wooden engraved watch is perfect for the occasion. Most men love getting a watch as a gift and if that watch comes with a personal message of love then it makes it even more endearing and special. This watch is made of wood which makes it highly durable and long-lasting and looks really elegant and classy on the wrist. The best part about the watch is that you can have a custom message engraved on the back of the dial which would give the perfect amount of personal touch to the gift and would add a sentimental value to the watch. Therefore if you wanted to say something to your dad and are a little shy about it, you could now have it engraved forever and gift it to him.

4. Film Roll Keychain

 A keychain that is personalized and made custom is really something that is hard to beat because it is a kind of gift that is very practical and is used in daily life. This personalized film roll keychain is even more special as it contains 15 photos of your choice and you can have them printed on thick waterproof material. You will get the keychain in a beautiful marble effect gift box which saves you the hassle of finding a special gift box. It would be the kind of gift that would always stay on your dad and he would never miss his family as it would be right in front of his eyes all the time. It is quite certainly a unique yet traditional gift for men.

5. Text Keychain For Dad

There is hardly anything in the world your dad can’t fix. He’s the one who holds the family together like a rock. It is always a good thing to appreciate how much he does for the family and what better day than his birthday to show him how much he truly means to you. This is beautiful stainless steel, lead, nickel, and cadmium safe which is also hypoallergenic and completely safe for the skin. There are quotes written on it making it a really great gift for dad on his birthday. It is a practical gift as well and would stay on your dad every day reminding him of your love.

6. 24K Gold Plated Playing Cards Case

Thinking about gifting dad something traditional but a bit more luxurious? Then it’s time to move over a normal deck of playing cards to something that is unique. These amazing 24K gold-plated playing cards are sure to turn some heads and grab some eyeballs. The whole set looks really premium which includes 52 playing cards and 2 joker cards. The cards are made with high-quality paper and wrapped with gold plated foil making them look really luxurious. It comes with a premium-looking box which makes the whole package look even more shiny and unique. It comes with a certificate of authenticity making it even more appealing. It would be an absolutely great and traditional birthday gift for dad.

7. Looking Good At 70 Coffee Mug

Not everyone looks as good as your dad does at 70 and to remind him about how good he looks, gift him with this pretty looking coffee mug that reads “It should be against the law to look this good at 70”. It is sure to bring out a big smile on his face and would always work out as a great conversation starter. It is made with high-grade white orca ceramic and the print quality is superb and is going to last for a long time. The cup could be jazzed up even more by placing gifts inside such as chocolates, coffee grounds, or tea bags which would make the cup look a bit more complete. It would really make up for a nice and meaningful birthday present from daughters and sons alike.

8. Personalized Engraved Compass

There are a few gifts that not just look good but are meaningful as well. These gifts really could mark a great memory in the person’s life and when you’re out looking for a gift for your dad’s 70th birthday, it just has to be something special and meaningful. It would signify that wherever he is he will never be lost and will always find a way. This personalized compass is a really good gift for this occasion. You could have 75-80 characters engraved on the backside of the compass in your own handwriting as a personal message. It is handcrafted with antique brass blessings and a leather case. With a gift like this, it must just turn out to be the best gift your father ever received. 

9. All In One Massager

It wouldn’t be a bad idea at all to gift him something that is really thoughtful and quite useful for him for his age. This fantastic massager by Resteck might just be the perfect gift your father needs right now. It minimizes acute pains, eases neck stiffness, eliminates constant fatigue, and promotes proper blood circulation. Let your father enjoy a rejuvenating session of massage and ease some of his worries. It would be a boon for him as he wouldn’t have to go outside anymore for getting a massage. With the multipurpose nature of the pillow, you could use it from head to toe and give yourself some much-needed comfort.

10. Life Story Frame

This could be one of the most emotional and sweet-looking gifts out of many. This life story frame comes with an optional engraving plaque. The best part about this gift is that it is like a time frame that features three different pictures of your father/grandfather from when he was a kid himself to the time when you were a kid showcasing all the different stages of his life in one frame itself. It would be a beautiful time frame by the Grandparent gift company and would be a  meaningful birthday gift for him that has lots of sentimental value. 

11. Custom Face Socks

So you’re thinking about gifting dad something funny and yet significant? This might just be the perfect fit for the occasion. You could get a picture of his favorite pet or anything of your liking and get it printed on the top. Each sock is printable except for the heel and the toe. Upload a high-resolution picture for the best results. The socks are quite comfortable and stretchy. It is an overall gift that is really funny.

12. Vintage Bluetooth Record Player

Wondering about a gift for dad’s birthday that would really suit his personality and not really finding anything as such? Well, this is the gift you have been looking for. This is a 3-speed suitcase record player by Victrola that features upgraded premium sound quality. It is housed in a vintage suitcase with an easy carrying handle. The amazing blend of retro and modern design gives you the flexibility of having music on the go, especially for vinyl lovers. You can stream smartphone music through the built-in speakers and are easily connected with non-Bluetooth devices as well. It has all the controls that you need right in your fingers and does not require any additional equipment for enjoying music on the go.

13. Five Minutes Sandwich Maker

Useful and efficient, that’s exactly what this handy sandwich maker is. It cooks your custom sandwiches in just 5 minutes. Perfect for brunch or a quick healthy meal on the go. There is a complimentary recipe book as well which comes along with it which puts plenty of fun and delicious meals right at your fingertips. If you are in for keto and paleo diets then just remove the bread and you’re good to go. It would be a fantastic item for a beach day or just any other time of the day. All the removable parts of it are dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry too much about the cleaning as well.

14. UGG Oslen Slippers

For a lot of people, a gift that can be used almost daily and lasts for a long time is considered a really meaningful and important gift. Slippers are an item used in daily life by everyone and therefore gifting your dad some comfortable slippers to walk through the day could just be the kind of gift to make his day. These slippers by UGG are really premium looking and are 100% cow suede. It has a rubber insole and has fur on the inside. It is really very comfortable to wear and use on a daily purpose and makes your feet feel like they are in heaven. It would be indeed a very thoughtful gift for the dad who is surely going to like it a lot and therefore makes for a meaningful gift idea.

15. Engraved Wood Hammer

If it was a sentimental gift you were looking for which could bring out tears of joy, it has to be this beautifully engraved hammer. It has “Thank you for helping me build my life” engraved on it. It is totally functional and looks really beautiful. Every piece of wood is unique and the wood is of fine quality. The smooth hardwood handle is easy to grip and comfortable to hold. It would work out really fine whenever he needs it. It gives out a beautiful message to your father as to how thankful you are for everything that he has built around you since day one. And now to gift him as a sign of showing respect for everything you’ve had in your life. It’s a meaningful gift idea reflecting your love.

16. Proud Dad T-shirt

So here’s a fun idea for a birthday gift for your father this year. It is after all a special year for him and you would definitely not want to miss out on making it more special for him. As an awesome daughter of an awesome father, gift him this fun-looking t-shirt that saysI’m a proud dad of a freaking awesome daughter”. He would proudly wear it and it would be a sign of how good the bond is between the two of you. The T-shirt is really comfortable and is made up of 100% cotton. It would be a really great gift from a daughter to her father and it would bring a smile to his face. It is fun and quirky and surely a good gift.

17. Back Scratcher

Talk about a real-life practical gift for dad’s birthday and this would make the first cut. It is almost like a gag present. He surely is going to love the humor behind it and the sturdy design it has makes the scratching part really easy for which it is designed. He could go hard or light or any way he wants and it would work like a dream. It is the kind of gift which actually does its job and makes the scratching really comfortable and satisfying. It would indeed be a gift that is going ensure some laughs and doing the job perfectly well. Get your father something that is unexpected and yet very much practical and comforting.

18. Men's Fleece Robe

This could easily be described as a gift of relaxation. Giving this Delrossa robe is a comfortable way of telling your dad that after all these years of hard work, he can now relax and live his life comfortably and in peace. It is made from 330 gsm coral fleece to keep you warm no matter how low the temperature drops and is absolutely warm and plush. You could wear it as a part of your daily morning and evening routine. It has two large pockets to accommodate your phone and wallet easily and a loose hood to keep your ears warm without pulling down on your neck. It also has an inside tie closure to keep your robe secure and an adjustable outer belt to keep it steady. It would be a really pleasant gift for your hardworking father.

19. Titanium Bracelet

Now, this is a gift exclusively made for dad. This Platinum bracelet looks absolutely beautiful and has “Dad” engraved on the top. It is perfect for everyday wear and is 100% hypoallergenic so it wouldn’t cause any reactions against your skin. It comes with a free size adjusting tool allowing you to freely adjust the size of the bracelet according to your wrist size to fit you perfectly. Being made with titanium it is extremely light and you would hardly feel like you’re wearing it. It comes perfectly packaged in a stunning premium quality Willis Judd packaging keeping this lovely jewelry safe and making it a perfect gift to give.

20. Baseball Cap & Sash

70th birthday is indeed a memorable event in the life of any person and they would surely love it to be celebrated by friends and family alike. It is also indeed a very good day for making memories and clicking a lot of pictures to cherish for a lifetime. Therefore, it would be a really unique and wonderful idea to celebrate it like never before and what better than gifting your dad a premium 70th birthday bundle which consists of a baseball cap and a sash with silver letters printed on it saying “70s never looked so good”. Wouldn’t it be a joy looking at him in this and clicking great pictures for the memory of the day. So gift your dad a unique present this time and capture that precious smile on his face.

So there was the list of some of the best 70th birthday gifts for your father. It is indeed a very special occasion in a person’s life as it is often called the beginning of the Golden years. It is a time when a person has retired from work and can solely focus on relaxation and recreation. When he enters the seventh decade of his life and it showcases all the experience he’s collected over the years and also how much he’s done for the family all his life. It is of course fair to say that he’s lived almost all of his life for his family, so now for the upcoming part of his life, he deserves all the fun and good times coming his way. Happy Gifting!

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