15+ Evil Gift Ideas For Someone You Secretly Hate

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evil gift ideas for someone you secretly hate

Looking for some evil gift ideas for someone you secretly hate? These are the people responsible for your pretentious smiles and hugs when you secretly wished in your head to just diss them with those savage comebacks that would surely roast them to their core. Frenemies are the people you have hit thrice in your imagination, but in reality, you prefer to ignore their actions instead. Basically, frenemies are the ones in your social circle who challenge your sanity by the annoying things they do to you, whether it’s a party, a small catch-up meet-n-greet, a family get-together, or any encounter with them.

You wish to make them taste their own pills, but simultaneously you don’t want to cause any grave harm and, you want to avoid severing your relations. So here is the solution. We present you a list of 10+ Evil Gift Ideas That Will Piss Off Your Frenemies. The gift ideas compiled in the list do not cause any physical or emotional harm to the receivers; all the gifts are enlisted to spread laughter and fun. We do not intend to spread hate or agony towards the receivers of the gift. So let’s get started with Evil Gift Ideas That Will Drive Your Frenemies Insane:

funny toilet timer

Send a clear message with this explosively funny novelty gift: The Toilet Timer! It is a great gag for sons, boyfriends, husbands, dads, stepdads, grandpa, or anyone who lingers long. It has a unique sand timer that runs for about five minutes. To set the timer, rotate the device clockwise 360 degrees, set it down, do your business, and get out before your legs fall asleep. The perfect present for Christmas, Father’s Day, stocking stuffers, white elephant, and birthdays!

anti-aging cream

With Neutrogena Triple Age Repair Anti-Aging cream, it is time to get back to the acquaintances who always try to embarrass you by setting the age bars for everything you do in life. Anti-aging cream is the best way to make them feel that they are aging and, they need to keep up with the changing times. One of the best evil gifts that a person will ever receive!

weird yodeling pickle toy

Yodeling and pickles! What a weird combination! Do you know what it means? This combo is meant for that weird person in your life whom you secretly hate. At the push of a button, this Electronic Yodeling Pickle starts to yodel its heart out, which is very eccentric to listen to. This toy is going to give them creepy vibes.

brooklyn nine nine inspired keyring

Gift-giving is a way to express your true feelings. It represents your relationship and good expectations. Maybe there are some ideas and blessings that cannot be expressed in words, so a gift is the best choice. This keyring with the message “YA’ BORING” boldly engraved on it will represent your feelings about them. Send this to that friend or cousin who always ends up giving you a headache with his poor humor.

Giant screaming rubber chicken

Now this one on the list is very sinister. If the person you hate has kids, then you can gift this item to their kids to ultimately target that person, or if your kids trouble you when you try to wake them up, then also this is the perfect present for them on Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. It is a Screaming Rubber Chicken Toy. It screams so loudly and for freaking 45 seconds. This Giant Hug Me Chicken is a perfect Prank Gift for your frenemies.

custom UNT coffee mug

Are you just done with those annoying pranks of that “wannabe prankster” in your group? Now is the opportunity to take revenge. What you got to do is… Simply gift this UNT Coffee Mug with Black Handle. The words UNT are printed on it, and the mug handle is black, making it look like the letter ‘C’. Bust their myth of being the best prankster with this coffee mug.

bacon air freshener

This unlikely Bacon Air Freshener is the perfect way to hit two birds with a single stone. Put one up in the family room or under their office desk, and they will have a sudden craving for a BLT, making them fat. Also, how long can one stand bacon smell in their room! They will definitely hate the smell of bacon filling Each corner of their room. You can present it to someone who doesn’t like bacon.

Funny crapping dogs calendar

We know, when it comes to buying gifts for your frenemies or not so friendly friends, you don’t want to spend much and wish to give the most useless gift ever. So here is a white elephant gift for that person in your life. Funny 2022 wall calendar, picturing pooping dogs! It is a perfect gag gifts choice. This 2022 wall calendar with pooping dogs is a unique and novelty present for your friends and family on birthday, Christmas, Valentine, White Elephant Festival, Anniversary, or any other special occasion.

eccentric silicone tea infuser

Let’s target that tea lover, or should we say that tea spiller who never misses the chance to spill all the secrets and gossip on the table. We have a perfect gift for them: Funny Spoof Artefacts Tea Infusers. The tea steeper is the best gag gift for Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, White Elephant, or any day special for you. Believe us! This poo tea infuser is a great gift choice and shocking prank for tea lovers!

i pee in pools cap

I PEE IN POOLS. Imagine this written on a vintage retro-style trucker cap hat. And now imagine this cap on the head of that acquaintance whom you badly want to send an evil gift. Well, this is funny enough. So why don’t you turn this into reality and gift one to that person?

old lives matter whiskey glass

This is an old-fashioned bourbon glass with a clear message written on it- OLD LIVES MATTER. Although it is the best whiskey experience gift you can give them, the message will add to the fun. These glasses are ideal Whiskey gifts for men, fathers, dads, boyfriends, husbands, or grandpa on Father’s Day, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, White Elephant party, birthday, graduation, retirement, or any day special for you. Best funny gag gift!

bathing soap salts

Bathing salts! This is the most you can do for that person. Like seriously, why put more effort into choosing a thoughtful and creative gift for them when you can just hit the go-to gift. Send a rhetorical note along with the salt relating the person to the type of bathing salt you will gift. Voila! Here you go with your evil gift.

don't be a dick book

“Why this book? Because you might be a dick: a mean-spirited, self-focused individual……. Being a dick might feel powerful in the short term, but it is not helping you in the long term because this flawed character trait is exactly what’s keeping you from attaining what you may want most…..” These are some of the unsaid words you want to say to that person. But don’t worry, this book Don’t Be A Dick is here to express your feelings to them. All you have to do is just gift them this book. Surprise them with this evil present in disguise of a self-help book.

have a nice day coffee mug

A Hilarious Surprise! Let this coffee mug tell the world how you really feel. From the side, this coffee mug sends a cheerful message- Have a Nice Day. When you put the mug to your lips, the bottom sends a different message loud and clear. It shows how you feel. Get these out when you have coffee with them or gift it to them to be a subject of embarrassment whenever they drink coffee in front of someone.

urinal shot glasses

These Fairly Odd Novelties Urinal Shot Glasses are the number one favorite for your next party! That’s right, no Number two here! Urine for a treat with this high-quality 1.5oz ceramic shot glass set. This set of Two shot glasses makes a perfect White elephant, gag, novelty, or party gift. They’ll be pissed you haven’t had these to help you get wasted before!

creepy face piggy bank

Can you bear a creepy-looking face staring at you from the corner of a room? Definitely not! And having A piece like that placed in your frenemies room will surely give him/her creeps throughout their time in their room. We bring to you a unique piggy bank that will chew your money to its stomach. The Piggy Bank will open its mouth automatically once you reach your hand to feed it a coin. A wonderful gift for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas Day, etc.

Hurry up! What are you waiting for? Now that you have an array of evil and notorious gifts to send to your frenemies, go ahead without a doubt and just annoy them with these gifts, exactly the same way they do it to you. Don’t just dream about gifting these presents to that person(s) in your life, be bold and make it a reality. Have fun when you see their reactions to your gifts.

As aforementioned, none of the gift items mentioned in the list are intended to create harmful consequences or to spread hate towards anybody. These are meant for fun and will cause only minor inconveniences as a part of a prank done by the giver.

We hope you find an ideal eccentric and evil gift for that frenemy of yours, and you get the desired outcome out of the pulled prank.
Happy Gifting!!!!

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