20+ Best Going Away Gifts Ideas for Coworkers

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best going away gifts for coworkers

Looking for the best ideas for going away gifts for coworkers and employees? Saying farewell to a coworker who is leaving can be bittersweet, but finding the perfect gift can make the transition memorable.

Saying goodbye to a cherished colleague, whether a boss or an employee, feels a bit like the last episode of a beloved TV show – emotional, bittersweet, and filled with memories that linger long after the credits roll. But fear not! Just like in ‘The Office,’ where the farewell was as memorable as the pranks and coffee breaks, the right gift can turn this bittersweet moment into a remarkable experience.

As we wrap up this work chapter filled with shared laughter in the hallways and accomplishments on the office walls, it’s important to capture these memories with tokens of appreciation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve handpicked diverse and thoughtful going-away gifts for co-workers, bosses, and employees alike. From sentimental keepsakes to practical indulgences, each item on this list is more than just a present; it’s a reflection of the unique bonds forged in the workplace.

Explore our curated selection of the best going away gifts, designed to celebrate the contributions and cherish the memories shared with valued team members.

Framed Farewell Guest Book

Kick off your farewell gift journey with a touch of nostalgia and warmth. The Framed Farewell Guest Book isn’t just a present; it’s a treasure trove of memories waiting to be written. Complete with a pen and acrylic glass, this framed keepsake sign poster ensures your colleague can immediately start relishing the heartfelt messages from their team. Get ready for a trip down memory lane – and maybe a tear or two (of joy, we promise). 

Inspirational Leather Journal

Whether you’re saying goodbye or wishing someone well on their journey, a Leather Notebook is an ideal gift. If you’re the one bidding farewell, it makes for a thoughtful and classy present for your colleagues. The magnetic buckle, leather cover, and thick pages add a touch of elegance, making it a perfect token of appreciation for the memories shared.

Alternatively, if you’re part of the team giving the farewell gift, this notebook is a heartfelt and practical choice, embodying both style and sentiment for the departing colleague.

Digital Photo Frame

Give the perfect going away gift to coworker with a WiFi-enabled Digital Photo Frame. It automatically shows off photos, works in portrait or landscape, and even throws in weather updates and a clock. Easy settings let them personalize it, making it a cool goodbye gift that mixes memories with tech. As they start a new chapter, this Digital Photo Frame becomes a moving album of good times. Cheers to a farewell gift that’s as simple as it is sweet 

Luxury Pen

Sprinkle a bit of glamour into your farewell gesture with our Luxury Pen featuring a stunning 24K gold finish. A sleek and shiny keepsake that adds a touch of opulence to your colleague’s daily notes. Simple, stylish, and a golden token of the fond memories you’re bidding farewell to.

Here’s to leaving in style and crafting a future filled with success!

Jewelry Box Organizer

Keep their accessories organized in style with a luxurious Synthetic Leather Jewelry Box. Featuring small accessory drawers, extendable necklace boards, and a ring holder, this compact and portable organizer is ideal for traveling or cloakroom use.

Because even memories need a tidy space to reside, and this box is the VIP lounge for every cherished keepsake.

Tiny Plants Creative Building Set

Bring nature indoors with a Tiny Plants Creative Building Set. Craft nine plants based on arid, tropical, and carnivorous species, each nestled in a buildable, terracotta-colored flower pot.

It’s a unique and creative going away gift for coworker with a green thumb. After all, fostering office friendships is a bit like nurturing these plants – it requires creativity, care, and the occasional splash of water.

Bonsai Tree Kit

Nurture a love for plants with a Bonsai Tree Kit. This complete indoor starter kit includes bonsai seeds, tools, and planters, providing a thoughtful and enduring gift for the colleague with a penchant for gardening.

Because growing a bonsai is like crafting a career – it requires patience, care, and a touch of creativity

Spa Gift Basket Set

Encourage self-care with a 6-piece Spa Gift Basket Set. From a wine tumbler to scented candles, bath salts, bath bombs, soap, and a heartfelt greeting card with dry flowers, this basket is a practical and thoughtful choice for relaxation.

Turning their farewell into a spa-worthy retreat, because saying goodbye might be tough, but a spa day at home is the perfect remedy.

Scented Candles

Encourage self-care with a 6-piece Spa Gift Basket Set. From a wine tumbler to scented candles, bath salts, bath bombs, soap, and a heartfelt greeting card with dry flowers, this basket is a practical and thoughtful choice for relaxation.

Turning their farewell into a spa-worthy retreat, because saying goodbye might be tough, but a spa day at home is the perfect remedy. One of the most liked going away gift for coworkers.

Yoga Kit

Encourage your departing colleague’s wellness journey with a 7-piece Yoga Kit. From an extra-thick grip yoga mat to durable foam blocks, microfiber yoga towels, and a convenient bag, this set is a comprehensive package for starting or enhancing a yoga or workout routine.

A gentle nudge towards zen and a flexible approach to the uncertainties of the future.

Under Desk Foot Rest

Ease the transition into a new phase of life with the gift of comfort. An adjustable height memory foam foot stool designed for office and gaming chairs promises relief from back and hip pain.

This small yet impactful gesture speaks volumes about your consideration for their well-being. Plus, it’s a discreet way to kick back and relax when the going gets tough.

Glass Water Bottle

Combine hydration with style by gifting Glass Water Bottles, ideal for various activities, from travel to gym sessions. These bottles come with a vibrant, durable silicone sleeve and lid, the convertible feature, and a convenient handle adding to their practicality for staying hydrated.

Hydration made stylish – because being well-hydrated is the first step to conquering the world.

Funny Tumbler

Raise a toast to shared moments with a Double-Wall Vacuum Tumbler. This meaningful, funny little gift, adorned with a humorous message, ensures your co-worker remembers the irreplaceable role they played.

A perfect blend of sentiment and practicality for every sip, because every office story is best enjoyed with a side of laughter.

Healthy Snack Box

Show your concern for their well-being with a Healthy Snack Box boasting a wide assortment of 60 delicious treats for all occasions. It’s a thoughtful and practical way to ensure your colleague stays energized and satisfied, even as they embark on new adventures.

After all, a well-stocked snack arsenal is the key to facing any challenge with a belly full of laughs.

Gourmet Coffee Gift Box Set

For the coffee aficionado, a Gourmet Coffee Sampler Gift Box Set is a delightful way to start the day. With options like dark roast and caffeinated grounds, this set adds a touch of indulgence to their daily routine.

Because a farewell should begin with a good cup of coffee – and this sampler set ensures their mornings are as rich as the memories they’re leaving behind.

Beer Gift Box Set

Cheers to new beginnings with a Beer Gift Box Set. Complete with a stainless steel beer can cooler, bottle opener, snack mixes, and playing cards, this set is designed to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the departing colleague.

A playful invitation to savor the good times and make new memories over a cold brew.

Charcuterie Boards Gift Set

Elevate their hosting game with a Charcuterie Boards Gift Set. This bamboo cheese board set comes with sleek cheese knives, labels, a wine opener, and markers, making it a perfect addition to any gathering, be it a farewell party or a casual get-together.

Because every farewell deserves a spread as impressive as their time at the company.

Whiskey Glass

Inject humor into the farewell with a Whiskey Glass bearing the message, “Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Us.” Crafted from high-quality lead-free crystal glass, this gift ensures the sentiment never fades, much like the enduring friendships formed in the workplace.

Because a good laugh and a fine whiskey make for a potent blend of nostalgia and optimism.

Mixology Bartender Kit

Transitioning from the sentimental to the sophisticated, gift your co-worker a Mixology Bartender Kit. This set, featuring a Boston shaker, multifunctional jiggers, and various strainers, is a celebration of the finer things in life.

Precision and durability meet in this kit, providing the perfect tools for crafting memorable moments, and perhaps the occasional misadventure in mixology.

Portable Lantern Flashlight

For the colleague ready to light up new adventures, our Portable Lantern Flashlight is the ultimate farewell sidekick. Whether camping, hiking, or just navigating the unknown, this trusty lantern isn’t just a light source; it’s a beacon of excitement.

Because every journey is brighter with a touch of spontaneity and a reliable flashlight.

Oversized Weekender Bag

For the colleague always on the go, an Oversized Weekender Bag is a practical and stylish choice. Whether they’re traveling for work or leisure, this bag ensures they do it in style, carrying the memories of shared moments with them.

Because every journey, even the spontaneous weekend getaways, deserves a touch of glamour.

Unique Golf Accessories

Elevate their golf game with Unique Golf Accessories—a set of gold golf balls and a ball marker with a Hat Clip, adorned with Swarovski crystals. This touch of luxury is perfect for the golf enthusiast bidding farewell to the office green.

Beyond the golf course, these exquisite accessories transform into beautiful ornaments for their living room, bedroom, and office—serving as a constant reminder of both their love for the game and the cherished memories shared with the team.

Bluetooth Speaker

Turn up the nostalgia with our Waterproof, Durable & Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This little powerhouse isn’t just for music; it’s a farewell soundtrack to accompany every future road trip, beach day, or cozy night at home.

Because saying goodbye should come with a beat, and this speaker ensures the rhythm of friendship never skips a track.


End on a light note with a Keychain featuring the message, “I Got Your Back Meme.” A simple yet fun way to remind your co-worker that friendships endure even when paths diverge, this keychain is a daily companion to new adventures.

Because every journey, no matter how far, is a bit more amusing with a meme in your pocket.

Essential Oil diffuser

Bid a chic farewell with a Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser. This elegant diffuser ensures that relaxation follows your colleague wherever they go.

A fragrant reminder that life’s transitions can be as soothing as their favorite scent.

Throw Blanket

Wrap them in warmth and retirement vibes with a retirement-themed Throw Blanket. The cozy description on the blanket paints a picture of stress-free days and the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.

A perfect companion for relaxation and making cherished memories, because who says retirement can’t be a perpetual snuggle-fest?

In wrapping up this comprehensive guide to the best going away gifts for coworkers, we really hope to have provided you with a diverse and inspiring collection that caters to various tastes and preferences. From sentimental keepsakes to practical indulgences, each item on this list serves as a reminder of the bonds forged in the workplace. Saying goodbye isn’t just about going separate ways; it’s about taking a bit of the teamwork, resilience, and shared excellence with co-workers. Remember that the right gift is not just a token—it’s an expression of gratitude and a celebration of the unique journey you’ve shared.

As you and your colleagues embark on new adventures, may these gifts bring joy, laughter, and warmth to the next chapter. And hey, if life ever feels like a sitcom without its laugh track, just remember the good times and hit play on the mental highlight reel. Here’s to new beginnings, inside jokes, and the enduring friendships that make every farewell a plot twist worth remembering. Now, go out there and create your own sequel – it’s guaranteed to be a blockbuster! Cheers

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