13 Pokemon Go Gifts For That Crazy Player In Your Life

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I am surrounded by so many super crazy Pokemon Go fans which include my little brother! Believe me when I tell you that these Pokemon Go gift options are the best you can offer to your gamer because I have searched the internet so many times and there are not many choices when comes to an ideal gift for our fandom. So look no further and scroll through these quirky Pokemon Go presents now:

1. Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus

For the lovers of Pokemon Go who are always on the lookout for new pokemon, this pretty little device would be a really nice addition. This device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and whenever there is a pokemon near you or any event from the game is happening, the LED lights and vibration let you know about their presence and it also informs you about the presence of a Pokestop so you could collect all the necessary items for your monster hunting as they get collected to your armory automatically. It also helps you know if you’ve caught a pokemon successfully by lighting up and vibrating. It is just the perfect gift for them!

2. Powerful Power Bank

This portable power bank could be a really thoughtful gift to give out. This absolute beast of a battery pack with 20000 mAh capacity could charge your phone several times over and could keep you going for days. The design looks really slick and it comes with an LED indicator that informs you about the charging status. Compatible with almost all kinds of cables and can power up almost all kinds of electronic devices. The blazing-fast recharge technology with a powerful 18W output churns out a 2.5x fast charging speed and the iSmart technology keeps your device safe so you could enjoy playing the game without worrying about anything else.

3. Pokemon Go Gifts Pikachu Mug

The most famous and adored pokemon of all time is surely a great choice for Pokemon Go gamers. This adorable 3D sculpted Pikachu face-shaped ceramic mug can hold 20 ounces of any of your favourite drinks but it’s not just that, this multifunctional, multirole mug could be used as a paperweight, a pen holder, a loose change stash or even for mug cakes. The mug is made of high-quality materials that are BPA and toxin-free, therefore, keeping your beverages whether hot or cold, safe. It could be cleaned easily by hand wash and is an officially licensed product so that makes it even better as it is an authentic product. Certainly, the cutest gift to give a Pokemon fan.

4. Go-tcha Evolve Pokemon Go Wristwatch

This may just be the best gift for the people who play the game. This watch helps you catch and collect new Pokemon without you having to move a finger. With its auto catch and collect mode, you can catch all the pokemon you want without even looking at your smartphone as the watch does it for you automatically as all you need to do is pair it with your phone’s Bluetooth and let it work its magic. The nice and big screen shows all the necessary information and vibrates whenever you have a new catch and the different beautiful animations make it even cooler. The strap is also firm and of good quality and stays on to your wrist steadily. It is surely going to enhance the whole experience and would be a great present.

5. Pokemon Go Hats Generation 2

The ultimate pokemon trainer kit can never be complete without a hat and that is exactly what this team’s mystic valor instinct hat does as it completes your avatar. It is a premium quality 100% polyester made hat that protects you from the UV rays of the sun and the rain while you can go on with your hunt without worrying. The eco-friendly and modern design on this baseball hat makes it really appealing and lets you show your swag. It is a unisex hat so it is a great choice for everyone to wear at school, parties gaming events and even for cosplay. Looking at the huge popularity of the Pokemon go game it would be a gift that would be loved by everyone and would surely be a prized possession for anyone.

6. Pokemon go Plus Auto Catch Egg

This pocket egg accessory would be one of the most efficient gifts for a pokemon go fan. What it basically does is that it lets you rest and whenever a pokemon appears, it captures it by throwing a Pokeball and also can collect the items inside the game automatically. The thing that makes this pocket egg brilliant is that it can connect with two smartphones at the same time with a string 20m Bluetooth range. The egg flashes and vibrates whenever a pokemon is nearby and then it does its job while you could continue with your other work and still catch all of them. It supports both android and iPhone. It runs on 2 AA batteries with a life of up to 30 days making it really convenient. A perfect item for those who wanna catch em all!

7. Ultimate Pokemon Go Guide

If you are thinking about a thoughtful gift for your friend or kid who loves pokemon Go then this might be it. This Ultimate Pokemon Go Guide is filled with different tips and tricks that would help you understand the game better and would surely increase your performance thoroughly. If you were always wondering about how to improve your game tactics, XP and to catch more eggs and ultimately more pokemon then it would really help you with all the analysis and would turn you into a better player before you know it. It will make you learn how to handle the gym battles in a totally different way and would enhance your skills so that you could challenge anyone effortlessly. Go ahead and present them with something useful to become a better trainer.

8. Official Pokemon Travel Bag

This official Nintendo Switch adventure pack is the cutest. This shoulder pack is perfect for all of your gaming accessories as it can hold all of them in a single place with ease for you to carry it around and have a go at it anywhere, anytime. The bag is officially licensed by Nintendo and designed with the inspiration of Pikachu as the black and yellow colors look really fire. The straps are padded making it quite comfortable as well. Take your adventures outside and enjoy all you can. There are other cool variants available to match your gamer’s choices.

9. Pokemon Go Poke Ball Swing Rocker

When you think about gifts that are smart and would be really helpful for the players of the game, this poke ball step counter is the best thing to have. It is easily compatible with various smartphones, smartwatches and poke balls. To achieve a higher level in the game you can easily use this portable pedometer to boost your steps and unlock different parts of the game easily without having to move a lot. This pedometer can achieve up to 7000 steps per hour by simply attaching a Pokeball on the setup and shaking it to and fro. Especially with the times that we live in at the moment, this device would really help you win the rewards without having to step outside. It runs on both a USB cable and batteries.

10. Pokemon Laptop Travel Bag

This multifunctional backpack is one of the most, value for money gifts that a pokemon lover could have. The bag is of really convenient design and has a cute yet cool Pikachu wearing a black hoodie printed on the center at the back making the overall look very attractive. The bag could hold a lot of your stuff as it has 2 large zipper pockets with two small ones on the inside and the ever so convenient side pockets. What makes this backpack even more efficient is a built-in USB port that adds up for a convenient method of charging your phone on the go. A comfortable foam padded shoulder strap makes for a hassle-free carrying experience. This backpack is perfect for players as well as school or college students as this fantastic backpack could be a great companion for all the outside activities.

11. Pokemon Go Plush Toys Large

Pikachu plush toys have been one of the most sought-after toys among all the plush toys around the world. This super cute and adorable pokemon is the most widely recognized pokemon in the world and that’s why this plush Pikachu would be a great gift for a pokemon lover as it could easily be a new part of the adventures for that person. It is made up of super soft material that allows for a really comfortable experience and is perfect to play and cuddle with. The toy is made with great precision and the colors, as well as the design, looks as if it is almost real. It would be loved by people of all ages therefore it is like a gift that will never fail.

12. Pokemon Go 2000 Piece Puzzle

For the people who love a bit of fun with a little puzzle solving and brainstorming this Eevee jigsaw puzzle would be a really nice pick. This is a beautiful-looking jigsaw puzzle that features all the eight revolutions of the pokemon Eevee which is one of the most famous pokemon. There is a total of 2000 pieces of the puzzle making it worthwhile to solve the puzzle and witness all the evolutions of Eevee. There is also a full colored poster included inside the set to help with the process and makes it a little easier for the people. The pieces have been cut with such precision that each one fits easily. The pokemon featuring on it include Eevee, Flareon, Espeon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, etc.

13. Pokemon Cosplay Costume

Since childhood, we have all been inspired by the character of Ash Ketchum who has been on his quest of becoming the best ever pokemon trainer. Gift this Ash Ketchum costume set to someone who loves pokemon go and he would love to get dressed just like Ash and go hunting for all the pokemon. This set includes a hoodie jacket paired with a pair of gloves and a famous hat. It would be a great set to cosplay Ash whenever there is a party or simply anytime you wish. The cloth design is of good quality and is sure to last for a long time. This is a gift that would be loved by kids especially and they would be proud to show it off to their friends as they dress up.

If the person you are looking for a gift for is a Pokemon Go fan then it would be so great if you get them something from the list above, that they would like so much and would surely remember you every time they look at their present. 

That concludes our list of Pokemon Go gifts for crazy fans and players. We hope that you were able to find an ideal present for your person that would bring a sweet and happy smile to their faces. Happy Gifting!

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