Surprise Care Package Ideas For Boyfriend & Things to Put In It

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care packages for boyfriend

Are you tired of sifting through various sorts of care package ideas for boyfriend, online and offline? Some seem to have everything but fall short of something or the other. Don’t worry! Here is your one-stop for all types of care packages and other necessities that he may need when he is away. Being a caring girlfriend, you want to take care of his skin, beard, snacks, health, and the times when he will be stressed, sick and bored. We have covered it all in our collection of Surprise Care Package Ideas For Him. Even the military packages have been looked after. Each package and item has its unique significance, some cute and romantic while some funny. Hurry up! Bring that smile on his face, let him know you care about the small-small things about him, and most importantly, you love him regardless of the long-distance.

the blue Surprise care package

Everyone loves getting a gift out of the blue. Why not surprise him with our Out Of The Blue care package when he least expected it. We know you are a caring person and, you want to make him feel appreciated, relaxed, and cared for. No matter; whether he is in college or you guys are in a long-distance relationship; this package will be perfect for him. It includes a variety of salty and sweet snacks as well as a blue Hand Clapper (to give him some much-needed applause), a Stress Ball, and a mini Inspirational Card. It can also prove to be a cute gift on valentines day.

deployment care package

Your man is not just your hero but is a hero guarding many lives. He performs his duties and responsibilities with great care. So, don’t you think he deserves a care package sent with love? But sending a military care package yourself is hard: standing in line at the post office, filling out complicated customs forms, and spending an arm and a leg for the military-rate mail. It’s too much. Hero Care Packages takes all that pain out of the process, sending your care package via priority mail to your hero. With premium products, a card from you, and a blank card for them to write back, every care package item is hand-picked for military members by military members. A portion of each purchase goes to a military charity.

Get Well Care Package for sick boyfriend

You have a first aid kit for when you’re injured, “fix a flat” when you get a flat tire, emergency supply kit for bearing the wilderness. What do you go to when you are sick? Here we present to you: The Sick-Kit, which contains everything you need when you are down in the dumps or need a one-stop pick-me-up to get you going again. You can provide your sick boyfriend with this crack-open convenient kit of home remedies and cold beaters! It contains Campbell’s Chicken Soup, Gatorade, Ginger Ale, Vick’s Cough Drops, Vick’s VapoRub, Tissues, Lip Balm, Gelatin Cup (Non-refrigerated), Oyster Crackers, Disposable Gloves (Powder Free), Med Pack Includes Pepto-Bismol, Advil, Tylenol, DayQuil, a personalized get-well card and more.

stressed boyfriend care package

You know that he is stressed. But you can not be right there, and now you are worried about what to do? How to comfort him? Don’t worry! We got you covered. Make your loved one feel supported and cared for by giving this Sympathy Gift Box. This care package contains a snuggly blanket, insulated tumbler, scented candle, socks, and eye mask. This makes a perfect gift basket for get-well-soon wishes. The snuggly blanket and tumbler will make him feel relaxed, pampered, and encouraged with positivity, despite his challenging situation. These also have vibrant colors to lighten his mood.

HUGE college Care package

Make him relive his childhood moments with the Snack Chest Care Package. Everyone who’s gone to college knows that class makes you hungry. Keep your boyfriend or that special friend focused with one of our snack chests, and have it delivered right to their dorm! There’s nothing like a quick snack to boost the mood of your loved one. Every SNACK CHEST is crafted with name-brand snacks that he’ll already know and love. From protein bars to chips to candy to nuts, this care package has got all the savory snacks to remind him of the good times together with you.

naughty Valentines Day gift package

Spice up your love life with this amazing and considerate gift set. This package contains premium quality items: 3 funny and romantic gift cards and a beautiful red envelope, a scented candle for romantic ambiance, 2 naughty tokens, a funny keychain, and a bottle of capsules with blank paper, so you can pour your heart out and provide him a daily dose of love capsules. These are sure to put a smile on his face. Get it for your husband or boyfriend on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, or Christmas to appreciate his presence in your life.

korean snacks package

You must have witnessed the magic of K-Pop and K-Drama all around the world. Now experience the taste of Korean culture or reminisce in nostalgic childhood flavors with Unha’s Asian Snack Box. You can gift this to your long-distance boyfriend to stock him up with some crazy snacks. The best part of this assortment box of beloved Korean snacks is that he gets to taste a wide range of snacks, cookies, chips, and candy that you may have never tried before. From mild flavors to hot spicy, and decadently sweet, he is sure to find a snack that suits his palette.

military care package

Have your boyfriend or loved one in the military? Honor them and their service! Show your love with this delightful care package. All their favorite snacks, even practical things like socks, playing cards, and lip balm, are all in compliance with military regulations! This package is great for every occasion and holiday, too. It includes thirty-nine gifts that will surely make his day.

beard care package

We know that you admire his beard a lot. And obviously, you would not want its care to be neglected. Tame his mane with XIKEZAN’s Bread Grooming Kit that comes with all the products for beard care & growth in a luxury gift box that includes 60ml Beard Wash/Shampoo, 60ml Beard Conditioner, Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Beard Scissors, Travel Storage Bag, and Beard E-Book. The products are made with all-natural ingredients. He can use them 1-2 times per day, and he will see good results in 1 month! This is the ultimate set to keep your beard polished and well maintained. These natural & unique ingredients will hydrate, nourish your skin and grow facial hair faster.

men's skin care package

Your boyfriend is far away amidst all the dust and dirt, sweat, and pollution. There are chances that his skin may lose its charm and health. What can be done to solve the problem? Tiege Hanely men’s skincare products, bundled for level 1, come in a simple regimen designed to work together to enhance your handsome. Keep his face hydrated all day long. Tiege products will help improve his skin’s elasticity, even out dark spots, and reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. This level 1 skincare kit includes facial cleanser (face wash), exfoliating face scrub, AM face moisturizer (SPF20), and PM night moisturizer- all in a 30 day supply, making it a cool care package to send him.

What to put in a care package?

wallet insert card

People usually carry important things like cash, credit cards, etc in their wallets. This Valentine’s Day, you can give your boyfriend something that symbolizes your love to keep in his wallet: a metal wallet insert card with a special message engraved on it. A wallet insert card, with your love note, is a remarkable way to tell him you are with him. The card is made with stainless steel which means it will never break or fade away. Show your boyfriend, how much you love him by gifting him this sweetest message card because “A life lived in love will never be dull”. A sentimental gift for someone you never want to lose. Let them carry your love everywhere they go.

kawaii frog hoodie zipper mouth

Do you want to make him feel warm and cozily comforted? But you can not be with him at his college all the time. Here is the solution: Cute Kawaii Frog Hoodie Zipper Mouth. These frog hoodies took over the internet when Korean couples started posting pictures in them. If you love to follow Korean fashion then these are bangers! The best part is that it is a unisex hoodie pullover that can be gifted to a girlfriend or boyfriend, no doubt that they will love it. This hoodie is made with fleece which is highly elastic, soft, warm, and cozy to wear, anyone will love wearing this oversized hoodies pullover all day.

personalized you complete me keychain

There is an array of gift options that end up confusing people as to what to give. Keychains are among the popular gifts that continue to hold the same value as before. You can make the keychain more special by adding a personalized element. Here we have this You Complete Me Keychain that comes with a special message for your man, and a cherry on the top is an additional text card with another special message on it. Along with it, you can get your names engraved on it. This lovely keychain comes in a stunning black gift box, making it a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him.

cute music box

The cylinder musical movement was invented in 1796, and for the first time, people could listen to mechanically reproduced music in their own homes. The sound is rich, precise, and never-the-less flawless. Don’t you think something with this priceless history and unbeatable music would be a perfect gift for your man! It is a vintage hand-cranked music box made with native natural wood. The music boxes are exquisitely carved with classic retro designs on the outside and painted with bright color patterns on the inside. It has various famous melodies that make it a great Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend. It will always remind him of you whenever he will play these sweet melodies.

personalized wooden engraved watch

99% of men love getting a watch as a gift. Plus a watch with a personal message of love is something he will cherish. Here we present to you a Wooden Engraved Personalized Watch for your boyfriend. This watch is made of wood which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. It comes in an authentic wooden box, nicely packed. You can get a custom message engraved at the back of the dial. It is an elegant and classy gift idea for any occasion: Anniversary, Birthday, or Valentine’s Day.

long distance relationship keychain

Surprise your boyfriend with the Brand New “Wherever you go, come back to me” engraved Keychain for Long-Distance Couples. It is inlaid into the metal by hand that will stay sturdy & will never fall off. It is a small gift designed to remind him to always come back home to you and make your mood more enjoyable & your life better. You can get your initials engraved on the keychain! It is made of premium crafted attractive appearance stainless-steel, making it wear and corrosion-resistant.

customized film roll keychain

How amazing it would be if you could just walk down the memory lane spent by you and your partner anytime, anywhere. Then a custom film roll keychain is what you are looking for. It will be an ideal gift for your long-distance boyfriend on various occasions: his birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas. You can personalize the keychain by putting your favorite pictures together in the film roll. It is like a mini-album of your favorite moments spent together wrapped around your finger, only for you to roll it open anytime and reminisce about the good times. 

thanks for all the orgasms keychain

Engraved with “Thanks for all the orgasms” this keychain is a sweet way of letting him know that you are happy with him and you notice his efforts. This is a cute little thing that can become an ideal gift option for any occasion, Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. It comes with an initial charm, you can choose his name’s initial from the drop-down to make your gift more personalized. Made with stainless steel, it proves to be a Trendy, Simple, and handy keychain. Make him smile and laugh with this funny gift of yours.

hug this pillow until you can hug me pillow case

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you understand the pain of not being with your loved one every night, but at least this Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me pillowcase can send the right message while you’re apart! Your boyfriend will love you for this thoughtful gift. It also makes the perfect gift for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, graduation party, birthday, students off at school, Christmas, back to school, dorm room bedding, encouragement, romantics. Oh, Susannah uses top-quality material, 120 Gram, silky soft microfiber fabric in all its pillowcases, and uses a permanent fiber dyeing process that leaves the decoration SOFT and BREATHABLE so he can sleep on the decoration and not even feel it. He will love sleeping on these pillowcases just as much as looking at them.

I'm still f*cking bored adult activity book

Certainly, there will be times when he will feel extremely bored and dull but too tired to work. Being away from you, stuck at college, there is nothing much he can do. To save him, here’s the third amazing book of sh*t to do in case you’re STILL F*CKING BORED! Now he doesn’t have to waste away the hours pleasuring himself, wishing there was a freaking better way to keep his mind and hands busy. It features 100 Adult Activities: Coloring, Sudoku, Dot-to-Dot, Word Searches, Mazes, Fallen Phrases, Math Logic, Word Tiles, Spot the Difference, Where the F*ck did the Other Half Go, Nanograms, Brick-by-F*cking-Brick, Word Scramble, and Much More! Add this to your care package crafted for him.

care package sticker kits

You have added all the snacks, necessities, and gifts to your care package for him but still, there is something incomplete about it. Maybe it is the lack of personal touch. Make your packages more personal! Paper Paisley’s sticker kits help you dress up your box flaps quickly and easily on the inside. Each kit comes with four large adjustable stickers designed to fit a USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box. The stickers can also be easily trimmed to fit a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box and work for some UPS boxes or you can use your box!

stress-relief & fidget toys

Days at college or work can be stressful and hectic, leaving your long-distance boyfriend deserted of all the energy and calm. But here is this Fidget & Stress Relief Toys Pack with a variety of sensory fidget toys. These can make him have a lot of choices when he is nervous or under stress. He can pick any of them to play with, which can make him calm down. It works for adults, men and women, kids, both boy and girl students anxiety. These are easy-to-carry, can be taken anywhere, kill boredom while waiting in a meeting, or station. Send this pack to your stressed boyfriend and help him relax and rejuvenate even when you are away from him.

Taking physical as well as mental care of your partner in a long-distance relationship can be a very complicated and mind-boggling task. You have to ensure that you get the best suitable and useful items for your partner. When it comes to boyfriends, usually, we find the basket of options shrinking due to numerous problems and confusion. But here we are present at your rescue. Just have a quick look at our list of cute, unique, creative, and romantic care packages for him. You are sure to find an ideal package. Also, you can check out the things that can be added to a care package in case you forget any.
We have also looked after the fact that he can be deployed in one of the military branches, that is why we have added packages that satisfy the military regulations. Hope that you have a good time gifting your long-distance boyfriend and best wishes for the challenges ahead.
Happy Gifting!!!!

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