20 Cute And Special One Month Anniversary Gifts For Him

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One Month Anniversary Gifts For Him

It has been a month already and you cannot believe how amazing your boyfriend is! You are so excited about your 1st monthsary and want to give him a gift to show him how contented you are to date him. Some do not believe in monthsaries, they think these are cliché, but who cares about what others would say? No one in this world can define or influence you about showing your loved one how special he is to you. You might be tagged by your friends as the corniest person on this planet, but if you are doing it for someone very special, it should not matter at all.

You never knew, stars would align in such a way that things will start falling into correct places and you will find yourself celebrating your first month dating anniversary, but here you are head over heels in love with him. We can tell you are scratching your head, pondering it is your 1 month anniversary and you need to get something for him as special as he is. Don’t worry dear reader, here we are as your savior, let us enlighten you with some gift ideas for boyfriend.

Adorable Music Box

Do you know that the 200 years old 50 Note Sankyo movement is regarded as one of the best mechanical movements available today to create music? The sound is rich, precise, and never-the-less flawless. Don’t you think something crafted with this care and delicateness would be a perfect gift for your man! It is a vintage hand-cranked music box, which is made up of native natural wood. The music boxes are exquisitely carved with classic retro designs on the outside and with bright color patterns on the inside. These have various famous melodies which makes them a great gift for your boyfriend, always reminding him of you whenever he will play these sweet melodies.

Film Roll Keychains

How amazing it would be if you and your partner can just walk down the memory lane of the moments spent together anytime anywhere, then a custom film roll keychain is what you are looking for. This will be the most special gift for him on your one-month anniversary. You can personalize the keychain by putting your favorite pictures in the film roll. It is like a mini-album of your favorite moments spent together wrapped around your finger, only for you to roll it open anytime and reminisce good times. This keychain comes in a beautiful wooden gift box which saves you from the hassle of finding one. LED light string comes inside the box which makes it a complete package to gift to your partner.

Funny Anniversary Card

Among other qualities, I’m sure your man has a great body, which made you fall for him. So, why not appreciate him for this, by gifting him a card on your first month anniversary, which not only appreciates his appearance but also brings an ear-to-ear smile. The cover of the card says, “They will never find your body…” which might scare him or get him to think what this means but inside, it is written, “…As hot as I do! Happy Anniversary.”  He will absolutely adore this hilarious message. It will definitely leave a long-lasting impression on him because it is one of the funniest gift ideas for boyfriend and whenever he will see this card it will bring an absolute grin to his face.

Metal Wallet Insert Card

Things like cash, credit cards, etc are considered very important and usually, people carry these in their wallets. If it’s your first month anniversary, you can give your boyfriend or partner something as significant as cash and credit cards to keep in their wallet- a metal wallet insert card with a special message engraved on it. The wallet insert card, with your love note, is a remarkable way to tell someone you love them. The card is made of stainless steel which means it will never break or fade away representing the moments that will always reside in both of your hearts. Show your boyfriend, how much you love him by gifting him this sweetest message card because “A life lived in love will never be dull”. A sentimental gift for someone you never want to lose. Let them carry your love everywhere they go.  

Name Keychains

A Keychain is an object used to hold keys together like you want to hold your relationship together. As your first month anniversary is coming up and you are looking for gift ideas to gift your boyfriend, then what else can be the best symbolic gift other than a keychain with a personalized touch by engraving your partner’s name on it and the date you want to cherish forever. The complete set is made of stainless steel. The set comes in a beautiful black gift box so you don’t have to hassle finding one. Get this beautiful pair of keychains for yourself and your partner to bring a blush on their face whenever they hold it. It’s a gift your loved one will cherish and remember the good times you’ve spent together every time they use their keys. They make fantastic gifts to commemorate the occasion.

King & Queen Phone Cases

We know that your man is the most handsome man in the world for you and if you want to tell all those girls eyeing on your man that he is taken, then these couple phone cases are the perfect gift for him to protect him from all other girls. It perfectly defines that he is your King and you are the Queen of his heart. Here are the King and Queen matching i-phone cases for couples exclusively in matte pink and black colors. It provides 100% protection to your phone as well as a label that you are taken. Now hold your phone carefree anywhere and have no fear of dropping it suddenly as the phone case will protect it from all sides. Now you can express to the whole world that you found the king of your heart by gifting this phone case to your boyfriend.

Personalized Engraved Keychain

There is an array of gift options that end up confusing you as to what to gift your boyfriend. Keychains are among the popular gifts that continue to hold the same value as before. A keychain is a gift that resembles a nostalgic value. You can make the keychain more special by adding a personalized element to it. This keychain comes with a special message on it for your man and cherry on the top is an additional text card with another special message on it. Along with it, you can get your name engraved on it. This lovely keychain comes in a stunning black gift box, which makes it a perfect gift idea for your boyfriend.

Cute Matching Pajamas

Cozy nights while watching Netflix can have the cute factor upped by wearing matching PJs with your partner. If you are looking for an anniversary gift for your boyfriend then these cute matchinghis and her pajamas are a gift that will always raise a smile and create some serious #couplegoals. These soft and furry pajamas are the best gift for a winter movie night or a Christmas party, made of thick and warm polyester for fall and winter. The best part that makes it cuter is, it features cute ears on the hood. These matching Pjs are too cute to ignore! So, give your next night some serious #couplegoal vibes with cute matching his and hers pajamas.

Magnetic Distance Bracelet

Attraction and connection lie among the core elements of every love-filled relationship. To embrace that love, here we bring to you the Magnetic Distance Bracelets Set. Magnets are all about attracting and connecting and when clubbed with bracelets, it makes an ideal gift for your beloved. For those celebrating 1 month anniversary, it becomes even more important to secure and nurture their budding bond, and gifting him this bracelet set is one of the best ways. Both bracelets are made of 8MM Natural Stone Beads. The black beads are made of agate stone representing masculine energy while white ones are made of howlite representing pureness & beauty.

Magnetic Couple Necklace

We all love a special token of affection, and couple-necklaces are the perfect gift for the important people in your life. Couple necklaces are necklaces that are designed to flaunt the love that you share for another person. It is the best dating anniversary gift idea for your love. The very work of this necklace is to attract its other half and keep the bond alive. The attraction of the magnet symbolizes the affection that you two share for each other and how that bond keeps you close even when miles apart. It comes in heart shape, the only symbol of eternal never-ending love – a heart that completes only when both are together. You can personalize it with your initials. Show your special one how much you love him by gifting this beautiful necklace with a sweet personal touch.

King & Queen Crown Bracelets

Cherish and love each other by expressing your devotion with this Cute King and Queen Crown Couples Bracelets! These symbolize the eternal bond between both the lovers, and are the perfect gift for each other! Each bracelet has a symbolic link that ties to each other. Both bracelets have matching designs featuring gold/ silver crowns in the middle. The identical design makes it obvious that you belong together. No matter if you are in separate towns, countries, or continents, our promise bracelets will make you feel close and connected always. The meaning of these bracelets is to have a piece of your loved one always with you to remind you that no matter the distance or the situation, you are loved by them and they are loved by you.

Funny Mug For Boyfriend

Looking for an amazing gift idea for your cool boyfriend as your one-month anniversary is coming up then, don’t worry we got you covered with this funny and cute mug with a message on it that says, “Being my boyfriend is really the only gift you need”. It will not only bring a cheer onto his face but this mug will be a reminder for him of you and how much you love each other. It is also the best way for diffusing tension and who wouldn’t love such an amusing message whenever they have a cup of coffee or tea. So, on your one-month anniversary, gift your boyfriend this sarcastically funny and cute mug to mark the special occasion on the calendar.

Custom Pinky Promise Keychain

“Let’s swear each with our pinky. We’ll be lovers until we are old and wrinkly.” Pinky promise: the most sacred vow anyone can swear to. If you want to share the same sacred vow with your man then this is your chance by gifting the amazing Pinky promise keychain to him on your one-month anniversary. You can customize it and make it more special by engraving your special date and initials on the keychain. The keychain is in the shape of a dog tag and is made of stainless steel and is available in four main colors i.e black, gold, silver and rose. The keychain will act as a cute reminder of your bond that stays strong throughout the years and will remain forever.

Majestic Moon Light Lamp

There’s nothing more calming than watching a full moon glowing in the night sky with your partner by your side. Until now, the only way to enjoy that sensation was by staring out your window at the real thing. But now, by gifting this incredible personalized 3D moon lamp, you can have that beautiful glow at your disposal inside the room. Besides that, love is a lot easier to profess when you have got Moon Lamp as your wingman. This stunning moon lamp is perfect to brighten up the room or living space and to lend a cozy vibe. Its natural radiance perfectly captures the essence of moonlight.  Whether you plan a romantic dinner or just get it as a home décor accessory, it is perfect for adding a charm to anything and an amazing gift for an anniversary.

Spotify Code Photo Keychain

Ever found a song that reminds you of your partner as soon as you listen to it? You can now share it with fantastic ease by gifting a Spotify code photo keychain to him. Whether there is a song that touches your heart or brings out sweet memories, this keychain is the perfect carrier for your special one. You can personalize it further by printing a photo, your favorite artist’s name, and a scannable code that will allow him to play your special song anywhere and anytime. Now both of you can enjoy the special song just by scanning the code, with a picture that reminds you of your special moment together, song sharing has never been this easy. What can be a better anniversary gift for him!

Mesmerizing Custom Star Map

Did you have a special night where the stars shone brightly? You and he recall, it with sheer joy every time you look up in the sky then, on the auspicious occasion of your anniversary, gift those memorable stars to your partner as a token to always remember that special moment. These are the most realistic custom color star maps perfect for displaying on your wall to quickly remember and admire how the stars aligned on your special night!  Using the data, you provide; the team of experts combines astronomy and art to reproduce the exact mirror image of your memorable night. Every print is created on the highest-quality, premium luster photo paper. A truly special way to remember a special moment in your life.

Giant Pizza Throw Blanket

If your boyfriend is a huge pizza lover then this funny, cute, and giant throw blanket is the best-suited gift for him on your one-month anniversary. Whether it’s a movie night or a casual talk lying beside each other, it is the perfect item for all occasions. It is incredibly Soft and Warm Fleece, to keep you and your loved ones especially cozy on a crisp night as you wrap up by the fireplace to watch some TV, or spread it out on the ground for a picnic. So, the blanket presents you with a beautiful gift bag, you can put the blanket in the gift bag before giving it to your lover. Simply lay down together inside the blanket and roll yourself up and enjoy those moments.

Our Bucket List: A Journal

In a relationship, we always want to do special things as a couple but as the connection gets older, we forget those things and use all those outdated ideas like going on a candlelight dinner once in a blue moon, which makes that relationship boring. Since you don’t have to face the same problem, we have brought to you a couples’ bucket-list journal. Having a couples’ bucket-list is a great way to make sure you keep your relationship exciting while also challenging yourselves to do things. Sometimes day to day life can get busy. Having a couple’s bucket list can keep you both on track to keep your relationship healthy and vibrant but also exciting.

Funny Boxers

Sharing your sense of humor is never a bad idea, it will only bring joy to your relationship. So, on your one-month anniversary, gift your partner these fun boxer shorts and share your sense of humor from top to bottom. These boxer shorts are made from 100% premium combed cotton knit for ultimate comfort. They have a loose fit, giving plenty of freedom to move and stretch. Gift these to your boyfriend, he will appreciate its funny saying and comical design. It will bring out his humorous side, or humorous backside, at least! Make him go to bed, happy with these comic boxer shorts! They’re sure to make him laugh with their clever puns.

Variety Snacks Gift Box

There is an old saying that, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but instead of cooking, you can gift him a box full of snacks which he can munch on while watching a movie or bingeing on Netflix. There’s nothing like a quick snack to boost the mood of your loved one. It includes an assortment of 120 Savoury Snacks, Chips, Cookies, Crackers, Candy in A Snack Chest Gift Box. A perfect care package gift for him. Above everything else, these Snacks are crafted with love and meant to brighten the day of both the sender and receiver of the care packages. Surrounding each bundle is a desire to create the best possible snacks for your loved ones.

A month of knowing each other, embracing the quality time spent together, and accepting each other’s flaws calls for celebrating one month’s anniversary. While you have enjoyed each other’s crazy company being in love, you are looking forward to crossing many such anniversaries together. It was just recently when monthsaries have started to be celebrated by couples. What made this sweeter is that every month you are together, you are considering it a relationship milestone and you want to reminisce how the love flourished and developed over a month. This is a good time to remember all the moments you have had last month and see what awaits in the next months and even years to come by.

This is not as major or as massive as an anniversary, but that should not limit you from stepping up and showing your loved one how much you care. There are many monthsary gifts to think about and consider at this time. We hope you find the best gift for your special one from this list.

Happy Gifting!

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