20 Special Baby Gift Ideas From Aunt To Prove Your Are The Coolest

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Special Baby Gift Ideas From Aunt

We’re sure when you first heard that your sister or brother is about to become a parent, one thing that you kept thinking about was: How can I establish me as the cool aunt? And that is when you thought about all of the amazing gift ideas for your nieces or nephews. There are many women out there who buy cute baby sets or a toy and, claim to be the cool aunts. However, we plan to take the cool aunt status to another level! The cool aunt gets all the respect, not to mention the quality spoil time with the new kid. So, we plan on making you own this role over any other aunt by finding the best gifts for your niece or nephew. If you strive to be the cool aunt in your family and need guidance on baby gift ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve crafted a list containing unique and cute gift ideas packed with sentiments. Here you will find the best and most suitable ideas for special baby gifts from aunt and uncle. So keep your worries aside and sift through our list of 20 baby gift ideas that will make you the cool aunt.

funny infant romper jumpsuit

If you wish that your niece or nephew grows up, believing that her or his aunt is cooler than her/his dad, then this is your chance to make it come true. Gift this Romper Jumpsuit with “My Aunt is cooler than my Dad” printed in bold to your beloved toddler. It is a super comfy Romper jumpsuit for infants, that has short sleeves and snap closure. The bodysuit was designed while keeping the ease of changing the baby’s diaper in mind. This baby romper is suitable for every occasion like Baby shower, Playwear, Home wear, Birthday celebration, Party, Holiday, Sleeping, Casual daily wear, photography, Sport, Christmas, Special gift, etc. You can consider this as one of the best auntie gifts for baby (your niece and nephew) which will make you a cool aunt.

the everyday mother daily logbook

If you are an aunt then, you are most likely to be obsessed with your nieces and nephews and you want their every need to be noted and to be timely fulfilled. For this, you can gift a Daily logbook to their mother, in that way you can be present in form of this gift in baby’s life and can get to enjoy all the best moments of kids without living with them all day and every day. This Everyday Mother is a wire spiral-bound daily logbook for tracking feedings (breast, bottle, pumping, or all three), diaper changes, sleep patterns, keeping notes, and reminders for parents. It is the perfect daily baby tracker and can be used by parents, grandparents, nannies, and caretakers. It is easy to use. Anybody can comfortably keep up with the baby’s activities, schedule, and routine through this logbook.

baby handprint kit

Some gifts are not just gifts but memories meant to be cherished for a lifetime and a baby clay handprint is one of them. When you look at your baby nieces and nephews, those itty-bitty feet, for sure make a giant footprint on your heart. Soon enough, those tiny fingers and toes will grow, time will fade those beautiful early years. But this can be prevented. How? It’s simple, cast them in clay with a cute keepsake frame, and they are yours to keep forever. A gentle moment of creation, it will not be long before they are all grown up and on their way. So, take out a moment now, capture their little handprints, to remind you of their newborn days. A tiny imprint today, moments for a lifetime.

infant to toddler rocker

If you are a mother then you know how challenging it can be for a parent to get a baby to sleep especially during the day. People try different ways to get the baby to sleep like, holding and rocking them in their arms but are hardly successful. So, if you are about to become an aunt, then understanding the problem of new parents, you can gift them a sentimental present- Infant to Toddler Rocker so that your bundle of joy can spend time rocking in this awesome Rocker. It has an adjustable seat recline and a removable toy bar with two bat-at toys, and it provides calming vibrations that help soothe and comfort your baby. The best part about this gift is that as the child grows up, the toy bar can be removed and can be converted into a toddler rocker.

3 in 1 diaper bag backpack

What a cool aunt you will be if you make all the arrangements for your niece and nephew. Even the arrangement for their sleep anywhere anytime in advance! All you need is to gift this 3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack to them. It is a portable backpack that can be made into a baby bed when expanded. It can provide a safe and hygienic space, a comfortable place for the baby, so the parents do not have to keep the baby wrapped in their arms all the time. This foldable and portable diaper bag is a thoughtful design and a fashion merger, creating a comfortable personal space for babies, solving the travel troubles of parents, and giving them a relaxing time. It is the perfect Nappy Bag and the perfect idea for auntie gifts for a newborn.

baby wipe warmer and dispenser

As a favorite aunt, you would like the skin of your baby munchkin to be taken care of as much as possible, and why not? It is their time to shine and be pampered. So, for this, you can gift them this unique baby wipe warmer and dispenser. Cold wipes upset a baby’s sensitive skin, making the baby irritable and fussy. Warm wipes soothe and calm the baby, especially during late-night changes. It has built-in changing lights, which softly illuminate the changing table, so you do not have to turn on the bright lights of the room during a late-night diaper change. So by gifting this, your favorite baby will not have to stay wet and, will get proper care at an appropriate temperature. This is definitely going to prove the best auntie gift for baby.

smart sleep soother

When you are not around your niece or nephew, I’m sure you miss them and want to be around them a little more. So, to mark your presence around them, gift this cute smart sleep soother. This Smart sleep soother fills the entire room with colorful stars and plays ten calming lullabies and nature sounds that will soothe the baby to sleep, supporting healthy sleep training. It creates a restful atmosphere for the little one to gently transition into sleep. It comes ready to use and is suitable for newborns and kids alike, which makes it the perfect long-lasting gift for a baby shower or a birthday gift from an aunt to their little bundle of joys.

baby plush animal face bathrobe

Are you planning for an outdoor picnic with your nieces and nephews, that involves water activities such as swimming or water rides? We all know that one has a special set of clothes for these occasions and, being a cool aunt, you don’t want your nieces and nephews to be left out. So, we bring to you the Baby Plush Animal Face Bathrobe, which can act as one of the sentimental gifts from aunt to baby. This baby animal plush hooded robe is made of super-soft, cozy plush material to dry and warm the baby after bath or pool time. This will be the perfect robe to wrap the baby after post-water activities. Its detailed animal hood designs make the bath time and water activities more fun and adventurous.

lotus baby bath seat

Traditional ways are outdated, and so are the baby bathtubs. After all, our little prince or princess should have something unique and different from others. So here is your cool aunt gift idea, a Lotus Baby bath, which is very different from other traditional bathtubs. This Lotus bath has a new shape, has four wide-contoured petals offering optimal sink coverage and comfort to the baby. These wider petals create a safe seat that cradles the baby like no other baby bath can. It is super soft and cuddly to keep the baby happy and comfortable during bath time. After using this, I’m sure the baby’s new favorite activity would be spending quality and fun time in this lotus baby bath.

baby handprint footprint ornament kit

When you were a kid, your favorite person must be your brother or sister, as you both must have the best childhood time together and you must have a lot of memories together, and now it is the time to make new memories with the child of your favorite person. As you watch this precious little one grow day by day, don’t you wish that the time slows down? Let these cute little feet and hands be remembered for life. Preserve those little memories to the farthest extent possible with Ornament Keepsake Kit. Give this baby Handprint and Footprint Ornament Kit as a memory keepsake to your brother so that he can begin his fatherhood journey on a happy note, as nothing is more precious than being able to reminisce about these moments again in years to come.

on-the-go baby dome

It is a huge hassle to carry a baby around in arms for parents or nannies while going out. It seems uncomfortable for the parents and the baby as well. But as a caring aunt, you do not want this discomfort felt by your baby niece or nephew. On-the-Go Baby Dome is a perfect baby shower gift from an aunt who is very thoughtful for the kid. It has everything a baby needs for a relaxing nap, comfy playtime, or tummy time in one convenient, portable space, and it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Even when the baby is out, he or she can feel cozy and secure, just like at home in the On-the-Go Baby Dome’s soft padding and protective canopy.

baby milestone blanket

If you are looking for a perfect baby shower gift for a mom-to-be, who also happens to be your sister and you are about to become an aunt, then our “Love you to the moon and back” themed Baby Milestone Blanket will be the right choice. Its hand-painted watercolor design, bright colors, and matching markers (that come together with the blanket) make it an ideal sentimental gift that will last long. There are additional photo props to mark the numbers. No parent would like to pass the significant milestones without capturing those precious moments. The silky soft Baby Milestone Blanket appears as an ideal solution to keepsake the memory of the baby’s growth.

Baptism Baby To Bride Bracelet

Today she is there with you, tiny little soul chuckling in your hands. But the time will come without realization, when you will have to give her hands in the hands of her ideal man. And you, her cool aunt/uncle can make this more special. To celebrate her arrival in your life and to express your emotions for the day she will be someone’s bride, gift her this delicate bracelet, that comes in a silver gift box with a crystal cross and poem enclosed. It can be worn for her baptism and other special occasions as she grows. Worn again or woven into her bridal bouquet on that special wedding day. This Baby to Bride Keepsake is a unique gift from auntie to baby. This lovely bracelet can be worn throughout childhood. The extender can increase the size gradually up to 7 1/4″. It is constituted of clear crystals, white pearls and sterling silver findings.

personalized baby blanket

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your newborn nephew? Then this personalized baby blanket would be an ideal fit. It symbolizes love, warmth, care, and how protective you are for the person. Super Soft Baby Blanket keeps the little one warm in luxurious satin and fleece. Personalize it whichever way you want, create a baby blanket with the baby’s name in a beautiful classic script. It is light enough for year-round nursery use and warm enough to snug in the toddler during winter. A Personalized Baby Blanket can be the most unique and special baby gift from an aunt and uncle to Celebrate a Newborn, Shower, Christening, or any other special occasion. A cute, luxury gift to last a lifetime.

baby memory book

Gone are the days of losing their first lock of hair or tooth, hospital baby bracelets, sonograms, sweet notes, and more. As much as possible for a parent, it can be recalled in the memory, but at some point, it will fade. As a caring aunt, you can give a perfect idea by gifting this baby memory book with a keepsake box to the new parents to keep these memories afresh. It’s not just an empty box but contains named spaces to store their baby booties, hospital bracelet, lock of hair, tooth, and other keepsakes. So, all memories are held safe in one easy place. The baby memory box comes with a durable lid, so memories stay as new as the day they were born. New parents can keep everything tidy and organized with this baby keepsake box, complete with drawers, milestone stickers, and a baby footprint kit. They’ll never lose a thing.

baby socks set

As an aunt are you worried about how you’re going to keep those cute little piggy toes of your niece and nephew from turning blue this winter? One of the most underrated, yet essential items a baby needs are socks. Our unique Baby Socks Gift Set includes seven pairs of super cute, animal-themed socks: Cat, Hippo, Panda, Skunk, Bear, Owl, and Puppy. Each pair of our super cute, newborn socks have a gender-neutral funny pun printed on the sole – certain to get a laugh with friends and family every time your baby wears them. Rest assured that the baby will sleep comfortably in these socks. Go above and beyond the ordinary to bring a little extra joy.

Sensory anti-stress toys

We know you are a super caring aunt who wants to make sure the holistic development of your nieces and nephews. So we came up with an amazing and unique package that will do the needful. This Fidget pack toys contain 59 pieces that includes 4 Sensory Rings, 2 Wacky Tracks Snack Cube, 2 Flippy Chains, 3 Marble and Mesh, 6 Stretchy Strings, 1 Rainbow Puzzle cube, 1 Soybeans Toy and more. These toys can help people relieve stress, restore mood, stay focused and calm or kill time. Perfect sensory toys for autistic children. Squishy toys are attractive animals with soft touch, every kid would love these cute squishies. We provide a variety of styles for children and adults. It is easy to carry and put in pocket, hold by hand, anywhere.

baby tummy time mat

Infants usually spend time sleeping and daydreaming, but along with that, a baby needs to develop its strengths. As a responsible aunt, a Baby Tummy Time Mat would be a perfect gift idea for your niece and nephew. So they grow up as strong as an ox. Infants need to have daily tummy time. It helps them build strength in their head, neck, arms, and shoulders. Portable Tummy Time Development Playmat is designed to address a baby’s developmental needs during tummy time play. It strengthens the baby’s upper body & crawling skills. It is portable which makes it easy to carry anywhere, easy to clean, very soft, and keeps the baby busy and entertained.

interactive fish toddler toy

It is always a visual treat to watch a baby smile, laugh, and play joyfully. As an aunt to a newly born niece or nephew, your wish will be the same. I’m sure interactive toddler toy will fulfill the purpose when your little one will play with this special gift from their favorite aunt. Interactive toys are not just a source of entertainment for a baby. They can help teach babies many new skills. While listening to endless fish puns, your little one will practice their motor development skills and learn colors, numbers and letters. The sound the fishes in this toy make can also alert babies to noise. These 3 hungry fishes have enough lights, phrases, and songs to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end. A cute and great gift for baby showers, suitable for nursery children. Also, it is easy to clean and store.

carousel horse music box

Introducing babies to tunes is an easy and enjoyable way to interact with them in their first year and help set the stage for lifelong musical development. Plus, what better way it’d be to introduce yourself as their aunt by playing together with music, lift his mood, benefit his brain, and boost his language skills. The music box has an LED light gradient function. The horse can rotate with the music under the brightness of colorful LED Light. The melody is “You Are My Sunshine”, which makes you feel like you are in spring. Be it Christmas, birthdays, or other festivals, this music box is absolutely a suitable gift for a baby from an aunt and uncle. Music and a cute horse, what a pretty combination for one of the best possible starts. Create an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for children.

Babies are the cutest, innocent, and sensitive beings. And these beings deserve gifts as special as they are. We know finding such gifts is a strenuous and effortful task to do. But we also know you are a dedicated and caring aunt who would spend day and night showering love and comfort over your beloved nieces and nephews. To ease your job to a little extent we have come up with this list featuring 20 cute and sentimental gifts from aunt to baby. We have tried our best to bring to you the ideas that manage to express an aunt’s emotions and intentions behind a gift for the baby.

We made sure that most of the options on the list are unisex, and not just aunts but also the caring uncles can go through our list to present their little dumplings with tenderness. We hope you and your nieces and nephews share beautiful memories, touches of laughter, and an unbreakable bond through our suggested gifts.

Happy Gifting!!!!

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