20+ Impeccable Toys That Start With I For Kids Of All Ages

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toys that start with i

If you are out ideas what to get your child for this holiday or for their birthday or any other occasion, whether you’re shopping for toddlers or tweens, we’ve found just the right items to bring them joy. If you are searching for Toys that start with I, then we have handpicked just for you, toys that kids of all ages and gender will love to have!

Finding toys for your little kid is not easy and we know it, especially when you are looking alphabet specific options! Our new series “Toys Starting With…” has got y’all covered. We will be mentioning ideas for kids of all ages. From hottest toys to old favorites we got everything to ensure that every item on our list is something kids will actually want. 

1. Ice Game - Don't Break the Ice

It is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so it is good if children are given some time to take off their load from tons of homework they get. Here is an idea to get your child that joyful moments with an ice game. In this game help Phillip the Penguin chop some ice blocks so he can make a new igloo. So basically, Don’t Break the Ice is a suspenseful game of strategy where the objective is to knock out the blocks of ice. But carefully so that you don’t break the ice that makes Phillip fall through. This game can be played by 2-3 players at a time

2. Interactive Baby Doll

Everyone has a best friend, some find that friendship in a real human being some in pets and some in things like toys especially a child. Every child has a favorite toy that they never share with anyone. You can give a child through this doll.  Magic Mia is an amazing baby doll that your kid will adore. The best part is that it is an interactive toy that recognized 50 foods & reacts in 70 sounds and phrases. Baby dolls offer kids lots of opportunities for developing their cognitive, and self-help skills. So while they are playing, there are also developing some key skills.

3. The Incredibles 2 Action Figures

Almost every kid loves animated movies and cartoons and is a fan of The Incredibles Family. They are so obsessed with it, that they want them on everything whether it is wallpapers, notebooks, bottles, on walls, etc. If your child is a huge fan of The Incredibles Family then this would be the best gift for them. The 5 pack includes the action figures of Elastic girl, Mr. Incredible, Violet, Dash, and Jack. Gift the child their superhero so that they can show it off in front of their friends also you never know it may become your child’s most prized possession.

4. Interactive Robot

A kid wants that he has someone with them all the time to talk, play, and also pamper them with their demands. So here is a Robot who can do all these things and the child is never alone, bored!! It is a self-balancing interactive robot, packed with fun and games, personality, and cool dance moves. It also have20+ app-enabled games and RC modes, plus bonus screenless games. MiP Arcade includes tray attachment, basketball hoop attachment, 3 MiP Arcade basketballs, and 4 AA batteries. This robot is recommended for ages 6 and above. It also has a Remote Control feature, Drive MiP Arcade around with either single or dual joystick control using the app. Also responds to touch, motion, and sound with Gesture Sense technology.

5. Inflatable Pool With Slide

Believe me, I still want this and love these inflatable pools so much, and I am not a kid anymore(maybe I am). Well, kids love to play with water, splash each other and play fun games. So bring a water park at home in your backyard. This pool is not only designed for fun but the safety of children is also kept in mind, it has steadily fixed handrails and sponge cushion padding which helps protect your little ones while they play. It is made with BPA-free PVC, reducing the risk of punctures to ensure long service life. So as much it is safe it is also durable and long-lasting. Bring the water park home and create a tropical wonderland for your kids in your backyard.

6. Imagimake Mapology World AR

In this digital era if someone is not learning anything new then they are not doing anything. So to make this digitization useful here is an application that lets your children have a Physical & Digital Play Experience. Mapology World AR comes with a free mobile application that allows a user to scan a puzzle piece and learn more about it. In their screen-free time, kids can still enjoy solving the puzzle with country-shaped puzzle pieces and play with the flags and capitals.  It has 5 play modes like solve the puzzle, match the flags, explore and discover various countries, and quiz modes. The app is compatible with Android and iPhone mobile devices. A complete educational toy, through which a kid can learn while playing.

7. Insect Outdoor Explorer Kit

Your kid wants to go on an adventure but doesn’t have the proper gear to proceed then you can gift him/her an outdoor explorer kit. It includes 5x power magnification binoculars, compass, with it you can teach them more about the directions, butterfly net, magnifying glass, backyard exploration critter case, whistle, tweezers and bug containers, hat, and backpack. The kit is the best gift for boys & girls aged between 4 years and above.

It is not only fun but also helps in learning about nature and its habitats and admire the beauty of it.

8. Imagination Magnets

If your child loves to solve puzzles then this would be a perfect gift. It contains 42 brightly colored wooden magnetic blocks that can be arranged on the board to replicate any of the 50 full color puzzles, such as animals, faces, vehicles, flowers, structures, and more. It also comes with a quality design as it has a sturdy wood carrying case with durable hinges and rope handles. Imagination Magnets contain colorful pattern cards that are numbered in order of difficulty, ranging from beginner to expert. As each pattern becomes more challenging, patience and confidence are gained through trial and error. It is always small pieces that make the big picture like a puzzle.

9. Inside Out Bing Bong Plush

If your child is a fan of Disney’s Inside Out then you can go for a present like a Bing Bong Plush toy. Just like Riley your kid will also find a trustworthy friend in Bing Bong. The best part about is that its fluffy tummy smells like cotton candy. It is brought straight from Disney Pixar’s studio with a genuine, original, authentic Disney Store patch. So gift your child a 16 inches tall cute plushy friend with whom they can have the best childhood moments of their life.

P.S. if you haven’t watched Inside Out with your kid yet then you must plan it soon!

10. Incredbles 2 Lego Building Kit

Want to help your superheroes save the world then here is that chance, help them escape from villians, with “The Incredible 2 Great Home Escape Building Kit”. This set features a house facade with a Starter Brick wall and baseplate, moving fireplace with secret control panel, indoor waterfall with capture function, a pool area, lounge chair with catapult function, plus a buildable car with Starter Brick chassis and removable catapult. It also comes with 3 lego figures and that is of Violet, Dash, and Brick, plus a baby Jack-Jack. Boost up your child’s imagination by letting them play with the great home escape building kit along with their favorite superhero family.

11. Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

Planning a play date for your daughter and want something for it then you can go for Melissa and Doug Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter. It is a 28-piece pretend play ice cream counter. This wooden ice cream playset allows children to scoop different flavors of ice cream and interact with their friends in a playful social environment. The counter holds eight wooden scoops of different flavored ice cream, six assorted toppings, two cones, a plastic cup, an ice cream scooper, tongs, and a wooden spoon. Can you imagine making ice cream can turn into a fun-loving game!!!

12. Imaginext DC Super Battle Batcave

Kids nowadays can be quite imaginative and all credit goes to dozens of superheroes they see in movies and cartoons. So why not gift them a world where kids bring fantastical adventures to life as they play. The box includes Batman & The Joker figures and 4 weapon accessories. It is the ultimate Super Hero vs Super Villain face-off. Here, Batman and The Joker can spin, spar, and battle their way to victory. The battle for Gotham City ends only when one of these foes is ejected from the arena! Let your kid live a superhero life by playing this battle.

13. Infinity Cube Prime Fidget Toy

Every time the word toy is referred to, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it must be meant for kids. But here is a toy which can be used by anyone. These stress cubes bring you endless finger pleasure by flipping and folding them constantly transforming into different infinity shapes. Once touch it, your fingers wouldn’t stop, whether play it with one hand or two hands, take a break, and fold it over and over again while you brainstorm ideas. This toy is not only for fun but will help in improving your creativity and imagination, also can improve the flexibility of your fingers. Definitely a great stress and anxiety reliever.

14. Instruments Toy Set

As toddlers kids start shaking and grooving to any music they hear randomly, so why not help them with their rhythm. Next in this list is a wooden musical toy set, including shaking, tapping, beating and blowing instruments. This is a creative birthday present or Christmas gift for both boys, girls. The set comes with a specially designed carrying bag and a box for easy clean-up and storage. They are ideal instruments as they not only help children develop their rhythm and musical skills, but can also boost attention levels, memory, motor and creative skills. Gift the kids, endless hours of fun and happy childhood memory! 

15. Interlocking Plastic Disc Set 500pcs

A fun activity while learning and building something with it, brain flakes is 500 pieces of inter locking plastic disk set. The discs measure 1.3 inches across and are 1/10th inch thick. They click together and apart easily for all ages and levels of motor skills. It is a new construction toy that teaches children spatial thinking and lets imaginations run wild. This can be a great solo or collaborative group activity for school classrooms, play dates, daycares, libraries, or home. Countless design possibilities and hours of skill-building play.

16. Indoor Golf Practice Game

Start training your kids in the art of golfing with this Mini Golf Training Aid. The Golf mat gives you a realistic playing experience to ensure instinctual shots while you’re out on course. It has a smart ball return system, the ball rolls back and you don’t have to waste time in getting the ball back repeatedly. The best part about the indoor putting mat is that this set comes with 3 bonus practice balls so that you don’t need to buy extra accessories, gadgets, or equipment. Plus, it’s portable & easy to assemble means that you can start to play in an instant. 

17. Interior Design Sketch Activity Book

As a kid we all have fantasies. We give a coloring book to a child and they fill it with their imaginations. To boost your child’s creativity and imagination gift them an interior design sketchbook and coloring book. The sketchbook includes 40 interior design sketch pages, 5 removable plastic stencil sheets, puffy stickers, foil stickers, easy to follow instructions. Use the stencils to add your own design elements to the home interior sketch pages. You are the master of your own imagination so, anything goes when you are the interior designer!!

18. Iron Man Action Figure Avengers Endgame

Everyone loves Iron Man and if your kid is one of the million fans which The Iron Man has in this whole universe then here is your pick. It will be the best gift you can ever give them. This action figure of Iron-Man is 7 inches tall and sculpted just right. Needless to say, it looks so real.

Why not let your kid show off their shiny toy to friends and cousins and make them jealous!!!

19. ITZI Family Card Game

If you think that playing and learning cannot be done at the same time then you are wrong. Here is a fun game through which a child can learn as well as can have fun at the same time. ITZI is an easy-to-learn, fast-paced word-based card game that rewards creativity and quick thinking. It includes 120 unique double-sided clue cards, 75 colorful double-sided letter cards, and instructions for players. The game can be played between 2 to 8 players of ages 8 and above. There is not just one way to play ITZI, that’s why they have included instructions for 5 other ITZI games. It is a fun game for team building and skill development such as pronunciation and many more skills along it.

20. Interactive Pop Up Animals Toy

As a kid, our traditional teaching ways do not work as it gets boring and toddlers lose their focus so why not engage them in an activity where it is exciting and fun, with some learning. It is a perfect educational toy for infants and toddlers to give them hours of screen-free playtime with fun animal sounds and music. The pop-up animals include a hippo, a bear, an elephant, and a lion. It is amazing to teach different animals and colors to your baby. This pop-up toy teaches cause and effect, animals, sounds and colors. It is the best travel toy that will keep your kid engaged while providing ample learning on the go.

21. I SPY Eagle Eye Find-It Game

I SPY Eagle Eye is based on the best-selling Scholastic book series by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick. It’s a race to ring the bell, a game where you have to spot the object on the board which is described in your card. Once you find it, ring fast, and you win that round. Whoever spots the most objects wins the game. This game will help in improving agility as well as work on a person’s quick-thinking strategy. If your child is a curious one and has a James Bond instinct then this is the perfect game.

22. I Love Mythical Creatures Craft Kit

Most of the kids are fascinated by mythical and magical creatures which is why fantasy movies are so famous amongst the kids. This I Love Mythical Creatures crafts kit includes 6 mythical creature projects to wear or display: A pandacorn bracelet, a slothacorn pin, a purrmaid backpack charm, a unicorn dream catcher, a llamacorn stuffie, and a mermaid banner. The best part is that you don’t need to shop for anything, everything needed to complete the project is present in the kit. Crafting helps kids learn to follow directions, concentrate, and become early problem solvers. The skills they will use all their life. A bright, colorful and engaging choice for children.

This concludes our list of Toys that start with I. Hope you were able to find the right gift for your kid. Even if you didn’t then no worries because “A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.”― Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Happy Gifting!

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