25 Funny Housewarming Gift Ideas For The New Home Owners

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Going on ahead with the tradition of Housewarming gifts there are some fun gifts to give on the occasion of a Housewarming party. It is indeed a very special occasion and a kind of gathering where a family steps into their new home and begins a new journey in life. It represents togetherness and family values. There are of course a lot of ways you could make someone’s housewarming party special and one of those ways is by giving them something that would really bring a smile to their face. However of course it isn’t a very easy job to pick the right gift for the occasion and is surely easier said than done. Therefore to make things easier and convenient we have curated a list of gift items that are a little different and are sure to tickle the funny bone when received by anyone. Given below are some of the funny housewarming gift you could ever give to someone.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cookbook

Now, this is a special one, a cookbook that contains recipes from the 90s sitcom Friends. This book is packed with delicious recipes that are perfect for you and your own friends to enjoy together. Whether it’s a going-away party when you move to Yemen, a Friendsgiving party in your unaffordable NYC apartment or just having some nibbles during your binge-watching party, you could enjoy some “Not so fine Margheritas”, “Thanksgiving Turkey for 1”, “Engagement Ring Lasagnas” to “French Aunt Chocolate Cheese Cupcakes”. It would really be the best gift for the fans of the show.

Popsugar declares, “the ultimate Friends fan needs this.”

2. Funny Kitchen Towels

Fun and quirky is exactly how you would define these “punny” kitchen towels which are sure to bring a smile to your face every time when you look at them. These lightly waffled towels are made up of microfibers. It is lint-free and its exceptional drying ability makes it great for all-round use, while also being great on glass. You could hang them up on the kitchen counter, above the handles of the dishwasher or oven, or just decorate your cabinets to give your kitchen a more vibrant look. They make perfect gifts for new homes or renovations.

3. Funny New House Card

Who doesn’t love a bit of humor in their life? well, that’s exactly the idea behind this funny and hilarious house card. It is a really funny housewarming gift and does signify the amount of joy and good relation you maintain with the new house owners. One of the most clever and cheap gift ideas which surely is going to bring a laugh or at least a smile on everyone’s face. The text is digitally printed on 350 GSM paper and looks really premium. The card is individually sealed inside an envelope and blank inside for your personal message.

4. Fun Pillow Covers

Another crazy little gift is this hilarious pillow cover which actually keeps it real and defines home rightly in a funnier way. It would make up for a really great housewarming gift. Made up of high-quality cotton linen it is extremely comfortable against the skin. It also has an invisible zipper which makes up for a really clean design. This cover is a really funny item for your bedroom and a really nice and fun present for the housewarming party and is sure to guarantee a few laughs later on.

5. Super Absorbent Coaster

Thinking about a cool gift idea? Well, this coaster set is really a clever housewarming gift. It contains six round ceramic stone coasters with six different designs and a black iron coaster holder. These stylish coasters offer a bit of humor with six different puns. Each coaster is lined with non-slip cork backing to protect furniture tops which prevent scratches and provides a non-slip surface preventing them from slipping off the table or another surface. It is intended towards adding some style and liven things up in your living room. It is certainly a funny housewarming gift for the occasion.

6. Mother Effing Home Owner Wine Glass

Talking about a cheap and funny housewarming gift idea this one fits the bill. It is a perfect gift for the first home. Each wine tumbler comes packaged in its own individual white gift box ready to be gift wrapped. The glass has “Mother-effing Home Owner” printed on one side using permanent glass ink which makes it really creative. Each glass has 15Oz. capacity and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It is indeed something different from your regular wine glass, therefore, is sure to be loved by the new house owner.

7. Donald Trump Seed Pack & Pottery Planter

He may be out from the office but now you can bring him home, albeit in a more humorous way. This weirdly amusing little gift contains a unique pottery planter, convenient plastic drip tray, and chia seed packets for three plantings. These are a perfect and budget-friendly gift for the occasion. It is funny, to say the least, and both kids and adults would love to watch chia planters spread and sprout to develop into a hilarious Trump creation. You may like him or hate him but you cannot ignore this little Chia pet for a gift

8. Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner

An angry mom is a sight to behold and mostly to keep away from but you know what this angry mom keeps away? It keeps all the stains and dirt away, uses steam to clean away the crud from your microwave by just adding water and vinegar into it, and in seven minutes you get a squeaky clean microwave. The best thing about this cleaner is it’s a cute and clever design made with heat-resistant materials. It is also very easy to use and once set up, the steam comes out of mama’s head and softens microwave dirt and stains for easier cleaning. This would be a very thoughtful gift for the couple who just moved in.

9. Lavender Scented Candles

This scented candle is made to be a fun housewarming present for any woman in your life and especially the ones who appreciate candles. It reads “You should have moved closer to me but congrats anyway”.  Any woman in your life who just became a new house owner is sure to love this gift. It has a 50 hour burning time, poured in a reusable glass jar 9oz cotton wick scented candle made with 100% soy wax which provides for a slower and cleaner burn than paraffin and is more eco-friendly. The Lavender infused fragrance is great for promoting sleep and relief from anxiety and stress, perfect to place in any part of the house. This makes up for a really nice housewarming gift for him & her alike. 

10. Hanging Bathroom Sign

According to research we almost spend 240 days of our life in the loo. Yes, you heard that right folks. That’s quite some time, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be fun to gift a little something that correlates to all this? Well, for that very reason we have the perfect gift for you in this bathroom sign. This wall-hanging decorative wood sign is sure to brighten and lighten your day. The sign is crafted from quality materials including MDF wood fibreboard which ensures durability and lasting hold. It can be used outdoors as well, as long as it isn’t exposed to moisture.

11. Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book

This is probably the most perfect weird gift you could have for a housewarming party. It is quite unique and different from any other gift for sure & would make every trip to the loo a memorable one. There are provocative prompts and ample doodle space to help your guests express themselves in whichever manner they want. It helps even the constipated friends to be effortlessly witty. The guest book has a padded hardcover with foil stamping and ribbon page marker. It is time to bring some fine bathroom humor out of the guests for sure.

12. Dirty Poetry Tiles

This is undoubtedly the raunchiest and fun gift you could give out at a housewarming party & perfect for couples moving into their new home. It is stuffed with 412-word tiles with big, beefy, double-entendres, suggestive slangs, and enough audacious anatomy to make it a mood. The set contains 124 commonly used words so you can connect your dirty ideas. It can be used to express your forbidden desires with your partner, a great tool to get things started and then wherever the night takes you. Definitely not for children, so just be a little aware of that and enjoy indulging in some scandalous humor.

13. Super Insulated Oven Mitt

This is a fantastic-looking mitten for a fantastic new kitchen that has beautiful designs printed over it and a vibrant-looking color scheme. It features an all-cotton & have natural fitting shape. The inside has extra quilted insulation so the hands stay cool even if the food is steaming hot. So now you could have a lot more to play around within the kitchen without worrying about your hands. What’s even better is that 1% of the sale of BlueQ oven mitts is donated to hunger relief programs throughout the world. Therefore, it would be a cute gift for the cook in the house.

14. Golden Girls Shot Glasses

We’ve all been fans of one sitcom or the other. This one is for the fans of the classic sitcom “The Golden Girls”. If you ever feel like you wanted to be a part of the golden girls, this gives you the perfect opportunity. Pick your favorite golden girl and indulge in a hilarious golden girl drinking game. A perfect one for almost all kinds of occasions and would even look nice on the display. The front of each of the four glasses would have the faces of the four girls from the show. It would make up for a clever and cheap gift idea. 

15. Funny Coffee Mug Set

Wouldn’t it be a really great gift idea to give the couple moving into their new house a matching coffee mug set? We assure you, that it is. Because every time they drink their precious coffee, it would remind them of you. Also, it is one of the cheapest gift ideas. The mug is printed with superior ceramic ink with quirky lines which would only define your love for each other. These are microwave and dishwasher safe so it is really quite easy to clean and take care of as well. 

16. Life Joke Toilet Paper

Something out of the plain and ordinary is this joke and gag full of toilet paper. If you’re looking for some different and weird gift ideas this is the one to have. This toilet paper roll contains jokes on every square. It is also quilted for extra comfort and is perfect for your downtime. It features 19 different rotating jokes placed on 85 feet of paper. It is of the regular size and fits on any standard toilet roll holder. Definitely, a great choice if you want to gift something out of the box.

17. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Continuing away with this tradition of funny housewarming gift ideas, here’s another one. It is absolutely hilarious and is guaranteed to get loads of laughter from the visitors to your powder room or office. Cat lovers far and wide would have a ball looking at this cat tissue holder. This kitty sure loves to help you keep your hands and stuff clean so trust in your new feline friend completely. Your office fellows would surely love to grab a tissue from this quirky cat so just keep her filled up always. Gift it as the weirdest gift you would ever give.

18. Prison Mike Flip Sequin Pillow Cover

This is a quirky little gift that promises a lot of laughter. This hilarious Prison Mike pillow cover is one of the best gifts you could give out for a housewarming present. The top contains a printed Prison Mike photo on a sequin. You could get a pure colored sequin if you run your fingers across it. It is made of soft and wear-resistant fabric. It would add a sparkle to your home decoration and also a cute gift for “ The Office” fans.

19. Toilet Time Golf Game

This is actually a much more valuable gift than it looks. It’s something that would definitely grab the attention of the guys helping them out with some “putty” training. It would help even the worst golfers better their game while answering nature’s call in peace. If your short game requires some work then this is something that could really improve it all while in your private time. A fairly weird and kind of odd and funny idea for a gift but could instead turn out to be something really useful for beginners and experts alike.

20. Food Blanket

If pizza is something that’s always on your mind then this is the blanket to have. Imagine your body wrapped in a fresh pizza blanket while you feel its warmth around your body. Quit noticeable even at the first glance. It’s a blanket that can promote family feelings as there is more of it so the entire family can choose one for themselves playing games together. It is super soft and very bright making it really comfortable and not stifling hot. It is easy to clean as well and would not fade or shrink. 

21. Polka Dot Trimmed Box Sign

This is a little different kind of gift but is sure to make anyone feel better. The box reads,“ As long as everything exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible”. It is really a good sentiment and speaks volumes for itself and you alike. It would make for a hilarious and sarcastic housewarming present and would also make for a great décor for the new house. Now you could say exactly what you want with a bit of sass. The detailing around the box is really nice and it has a distressed finish. You could put it around anywhere in the house and it would still look good. Definitely a quirky and nice little gift.

22. Michael Scott Bottle Opener

This bottle opener has Michael Scott’s face on the top, a fantastic gift for a beer lover who watches “The Office”. It has dual magnets on the back so it can be put on a fridge or any metal surface, made with thick iron and nickel plating. It is little but does the job (That’s what she said). Might just turn out to be the best housewarming gift if the owners are fans of the show to pop open some beer and enjoy it. Certainly a cheap and nice housewarming gift idea.

23. Front Door Mat

This doormat could be a crazy addition to any house. The funny quote written over it makes it even more hilarious. It would be a perfect gift for the ladies. It is ideal for outside doors or entryways. This rubber doormat can absorb moisture, grab dirt effectively. Non-slip backing ensures that the mat remains stable on the floor. It is easy to clean, supports machine wash, and could be used anywhere from office, garage, lobby to living spaces and many more common areas. It would be a cute housewarming gift for the lady moving into her new home.

24. Joey Reversible Cushion Case

“FRIENDS” is probably the best sitcom ever premiered on TV anywhere around the world. The fan following it has all over the world is second to none. Therefore, for the fans of the show, there are loads of different items available all over. This is one of them. It is a sequin pillow cover featuring the face of Joey Tribbiani from the show. It is a really great expression and along with it, you can also use your imagination to create various other facial expressions as well. It provides a great method of relaxation and is sure to brighten up your décor. It would be the best housewarming present for the fans of the show.

25. Crazy Cork Coasters

These are probably some of the most creative and hilarious coasters to be made for sure. The 8 coasters with 4 humorous sentences will make your friends feel your humorous side when they lift their cup up for a coffee or tea. They are made up of high-quality absorbent ceramic stone and are more absorbent than sandstone coasters. They’re also laced with durable cork-back to protect furniture or laptops from scratches and stuff. Easy to store as they come equipped with an attractive wrought-metal style black holder to keep them stacked neatly and together making them a fantastic gift.

In the end, we could say that the housewarming ceremony is a very precious day for a person or a family, therefore, it would be really nice to shower them with a bit of love from your side, the gifts that we handpicked were some of the funniest ones around and are sure to bring some smiles and laughter among the people receiving it. It would be a sign of a good relationship between you and them and they would always think about you whenever they look at it or use it in any manner. Therefore pick any gift according to your preference and be ready to widen up the smiles on the faces of the receivers. Keep up the fun.

Happy Gifting!

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